Clean Paper Slate for 2020

After the girls’ birthday, I feel like a crazy person and I got on a purging and cleaning detox. It’s like a “spring cleaning” but in the winter. The whole house gets cleaned slowly and efficiently. I usually get rid of so much clutter and crap we don’t use. This includes a lot of paper clutter and items we haven’t touched in a year.

When I start to purge, I tend to start with paper, which is my desk/craft/dump area. So for me, I start to sort through everything in and on my desk. I have a bin in my desk that all of our important papers (i.e. kids school papers, paper bills, insurance paperwork) go in throughout the year. I make piles of what needs to be kept/scanned, shredded, or thrown away.

Once I have determined what goes where, I put the shred pile into a bag that will be done at a later time. Next I move onto what is being kept. When it comes to school papers, I take a picture of all the “projects” Camila works on and I transfer the pictures to a portable hard drive that has the school year on the folder. For the more sentimental items, I have folders that are labeled for Camila and Sofia’s school work that I will keep up into their senior year. I then move onto important paperwork.

I am an OCD neat freak and I label everything, as you can guess already, so I a storage bin that has binders for different categories of important papers. I have one for insurance with different sections for life, home, & auto, as well as our cars, and our taxes. I also sort paperwork by year as well just in case I need to reference something with our tax information and vise versa.

When it comes to medical items, I have a folder for person that I got from the container store that has saved me so much time and frustration when I am in need of something like my kids birth certificate and I know exactly where it is.

It doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from. Paper clutter does not discriminate. I hope my solutions for organizing paperwork will help you tame your paper clutter for good!

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