Planning A Dinosaur Party

It’s amazing how quickly time goes when you tackle one holiday and you are already thinking about the next. That is how I felt after Christmas. I undecorated my house by the next day and started putting up birthday decorations in prep for my babies’ Dinosaur Party.

Now I know firsthand how hard it can be to make a dinosaur party into a girly dinosaur party. I am thankful that my all time favorite store, Target, had a pastel color pallet I could work with.  But as far as decoration, they are seriously lacking for dinosaurs which left me completely stumped. ….until I hit search on trusty Pinterest. First I had to come up with a list of things I could do – i.e. birthday banner, maybe a roar sign.  

But then I got to thinking what I could actually achieve for the party without breaking the bank. So I took out my Happy Planner Notebook and started making a list of what I really wanted. I ended up making a ‘Happy Birthday’ banner that can be used for upcoming parties. I found a tassel curtain from Amazon and made it a divider from the party to the rest of the house that no one really should be in (ha!), and repeated a big hit from last year of the balloon garland.

Once I got decorations squared away it was on to food. Now with food, I wanted to make sure there was something for everyone. I mean most of the party was going to be adults and few kids, I had to make sure all the bases were covered.

We had a Stegosaurus Sandwiches, Corythosaurus Cookies, Bronto Bites, Pteradactyl Potato Salad, T-Rex Scales (chips), Lava Punch, A Watering Hole, Dino Rocks (muddy buddy), and Ocean Water Punch .

The party was everything I wanted and imagined it would be. All the stress of trying to plan a “perfect” party and try and execute a vision with limited funds and recourses was worth it seeing how happy my babies’ where at the end of their party. And of course being the crazy person that I am, I’m already thinking about next years’ theme.

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