Family Summer Bucket List

I am finding out that summer is starting to become the most sacred time for our family – even though it’s almost time to go back to school.  Summer also means a much more relaxed schedule. I am talking much more relaxed schedule. It’s inevitable though that when the routine changes, eventually I hear… “Mommy” way more than I would like to (I’m sure this sounds familiar?)

Some ways to keep my sanity intact is that we’ve come up with a different solution this year, a physical summer bucket list. It really motivates us to think of a few new things to try that are out of the norm and bring back a few old favorites. And when boredom strikes, it’s the perfect time to point to the list.

A word of advice: make a first draft of a summer bucket list before involving the kids. That way you’re clear on priorities before the kids add their “contributions.” (And there will be many!)

Some ideas we are doing and have done this summer have been:

  • Going to the local Splash Pad
  • Drive In Movie
  • Ikea / Trader Joes (Weekend Trip)
  • Zoo / Aquarium
  • Swimming (A MUST)
  • Living Room Slumber Party
  • Local Fair
  • Ice Cream Date
  • Lunch with Daddy
  • Tuesday $5 Movie
  • Bubbles & Chalk Outside
  • Local Farmers Market
  • Watch the Fireworks

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