Story of Esquivel House X4

When I started my blog, I was doing it more to get the thoughts inside of my head out into the universe and hope that there was someone out in the internet who thought the way I thought and loved the things I love (other than my husband). I never ever thought anyone would read what I have to say. Now I have 50 followers and I’m like . I’m still shocked.

I follow tons of blogs, but I always feel like I found them long after they were successful and I always wonder how their blog ever came to be.  Why did they pick the specific niche they’re writing about?  My little blog is something I wanted to start for a long time, but it took me forever to finally pull the trigger and actually do it. 

It was a little bit of a bigger peek into my life and why I started Esquivelhouse X4 – and why blogging might be right for you too: The real reason I even wanted to start a blog was because I’ve always been one to love being able to help someone who is stuck and needs to know that they are not alone or that I can bake/cook meals I normally wouldn’t to be able to say here is what not to do and that you can learn from my mistakes.

When I started my blog I was slightly afraid of how people would perceive our life and how I was as a mother. But I slowly started writing more and sharing more of who I am as a person, wife, & mother, the more comfortable I became. I slowly started sharing all of my frugal living tips and techniques I picked up from blogs I’d found on Pinterest & Instagram.  When I became a stay at home mom, I used Pinterest/Instagram/Facebook as my search engine and read all the articles I could to learn what I could change on my own personal blog. Over the years, it’s been relationship issues, money struggles, time management, home organization, you name it.  I’ve researched the ever living crap out of it. Just ask my husband! 

Finally, it hit me that these bloggers were really touching my life and impacting the choices I would make with their inspiration.  What a huge thing – to be able to sit at your computer, type out an article, and solve a problem for someone you’ve never met (and probably will never meet). If these women could touch the lives of so many others with their blogs, why couldn’t I? Plus, a lot of the bloggers I love most are moms who are home with their babies and trying to juggle the responsibilities and time commitments of blogging, all while caring for their little ones and maintaining their homes.

I started researching blogging and what all was involved – hint – it’s a LOT more than just writing!  I found bloggers who shared their monthly income reports and was completely blown away! 

Through my little blog, I’ve already connected with readers around the world.  I have readers who subscribe from New Zealand, Australia, the UK, Canada, all over the US.

My hope is that I can share some of what I’ve learned on my little corner of the blogosphere and maybe inspire someone else to take a chance they’ve been thinking about:  whether that’s being a stay at home mom, living more frugally, or even just meal planning to save money.

Esquivelhouse X4 is my way of sharing with people what I’ve learned about having a healthy marriage, raising babies, traveling, living simply, and doing it all on a budget.

It’s also kind of my way of “counseling” without having to go to a certified therapist.  As time has gone on, I’ve realized life is more about sharing what we’ve learned as life throws experiences our way. Blogging allows us to do that.  I share my thoughts, you comment back with your thoughts and what you’ve learned, and pretty soon we have an amazing community that we’ve built and a wealth of knowledge.

Blogging gives you a platform to connect with other like-minded people.  It lets you pass on the knowledge that you come across with people who are looking for solutions to the same problem. Blogging can be a really inexpensive hobby that has the potential to earn a full time income in a relatively short amount of time.  While the beginning months are all basically working for “free” – you’ll realize what a huge payoff blogging can be when you start hearing from readers across the globe who have been touched by something you’ve written.

At least for me, that truly makes all of the hours of unpaid hard work so well worth it.

Are you a blogger?  Have you ever considered starting a blog?  What drives you to pursue your passion?  Let me know in the comments!

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